Thursday, April 15, 2010

18 Years Ago Today: Hawes Spencer Saves the Movie Palace, now the Jefferson Theater

Eighteen years ago today, Hook Editor in Chief Hawes Spencer was the successful purchaser at the foreclosure of what was then the Movie Palace, now The Jefferson Theater, here in Charlottesville. A very young Spencer emerged with the winning bid of $310,000, outbidding several local developers including Gabe Silverman who already owned several properties on the still-dormant Downtown Mall. Spencer's attorney wore a Mickey Mouse watch.

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Unknown said...

Never before have I seen such an embarrassingly dorky looking haircut and shirt ensemble. And the baby-fat on this dude is equally whack! But thanks for saying I saved the Jefferson. Really, Coran saved the Jefferson. I just nursed it along and didn't ruin it.--hawes spencer